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The Housing Assistance Program of Essex County (HAPEC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1978. The Housing Assistance Program of Essex County (HAPEC) recognizes community development and housing needs, advocates for change, and responds to opportunities within the Adirondack Region. Our goal is to alleviate economic distress, promote community vitality, enhance personal dignity, and cultivate self-reliance through a commitment of excellence, integrity innovation and collaboration.

HAPEC offers a broad array of housing services including: section 8 housing choice voucher program, first time homebuyer programs, home repair and rehabilitation programs, mortgage default/ foreclosure counseling & housing counseling services. HAPEC also works with local municipalities to deliver community development projects and community planning services.

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Our Programs
William B. Johnston (President) – Westport
Emily Kilburn (Vice President) – Lake Placid
Sherman Randall (Secretary) – Willsboro
Ed Finnerty (Treasurer) – Willsboro
Joseph Kelly (Trustee) – Minerva
Joel Friedman (Trustee) – Schroon Lake
Marcy Neville (Trustee) – Keene Valley
James Bosley (Trustee) – Peru
Carolyn Peterson (Trustee) – Keene
Nicky Bryant (Trustee) – Moriah


Whether you are in default, foreclosure, or simply feel your mortgage payment is unaffordable, HAPEC can help. Our counselor will advise, guide, and assist you in working with your mortgage company by:

  • Assessing your particular situation
  • Performing a budget and credit analysis
  • Communicating with your mortgage holder
  • Reviewing possible options
  • Preparing and submitting loss mitigation applications
  • Assisting in filing complaints, when appropriate
  • Explaining NYS’s foreclosure process
  • Attending judicial hearings, if needed

Created as part of the New York State Attorney General’s Homeowner Protection Program (HOPP)

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The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program helps very low income tenants by providing direct monthly rental assistance payments to the landlord on behalf of the tenant(s). The tenant’s contribution to housing cost is based on the family income and is at least 30% but not more than 40% of monthly adjusted income.

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The Housing Assistance Program of Essex County has assisted communities and property owners with housing repairs since 1984. More than 1,100 housing units have been renovated, using over $21 million in grant money from both federal and state sources. Housing rehabilitation programs in the county are funded annually, and vary in scope and location from year to year.

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Under this program you may receive funds to make a home affordable to your family. Subsidy is based on a case by case basis. These funds can be used to reduce the mortgage principal so monthly mortgage payments are affordable, pay reasonable closing costs, provide assistance to correct limited code or structural deficiencies when funds allow it, or address Lead Based Paint concerns.

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Through the use of state and federal assistance, HAPEC has been quite successful with the financing and development of multi-family housing projects including those for senior citizens. Upon request, HAPEC will assist your community in securing financing and developing similar affordable housing.

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The Housing Assistance Program of Essex County, Inc. is a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency providing comprehensive housing counseling services to Essex County residents free of charge, including counseling and form submission assistance.

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