Mortgage Default/Foreclosure Counseling

Whether you are in default, foreclosure, or simply feel your mortgage payment is unaffordable, HAPEC can help. Our counselor will advise, guide, and assist you in working with your mortgage company by:

  • Assessing your particular situation
  • Performing a budget and credit analysis
  • Communicating with your mortgage holder
  • Reviewing possible options
  • Preparing and submitting loss mitigation applications
  • Assisting in filing complaints, when appropriate
  • Explaining NYS’s foreclosure process
  • Attending judicial hearings, if needed

Created as part of the New York State Attorney General’s Homeowner Protection Program (HOPP)


Intake Application
Third Party Authorization
Client/Counselor Contract
Profit & Loss
Privacy Policy
Income/Expense Worksheet
Required Forms & Documents List
Hardship Explanation Instructions & Sample